OSIWA - Open Society Initiative for West Africa

OSIWA envisions a freer, safer, more integrated, democratic and equitable West Africa

Guinea Country Office Team

Conducting regional and international advocacy, and working with government including electoral commissions, national human rights institutions, parliaments and local government structures as well as with non-state actors like civil society organizations (CSOs).

OSIWA's geographic landscape encompasses countries with varied forms of governance. Some are in transition to democracy; in others democratic consolidation is fragile and in some there is routine practice of democratic governance. OSIWA will seek to address the diversity of transitions in the choice of its countries of focus.

Its primary objective will be to build and strengthen democratic institutions, processes and structures and enhance protection of citizens' rights, increase citizens' participation in the making process and create avenues for West Africans to participate in governance in the region. Promoting open society in these environments requires diverse strategies tailored to the nature transition and the particular conditions on the ground.

It includes supporting initiatives to rebuild governance institutions, reestablish the rule of law and properly conduct pluralistic elections. It entails promoting press and other freedoms and ensuring respect for human rights. And it requires enabling civil society to monitor and influence the proper functioning of normative and institutional frameworks, conducting regional and international advocacy.

Abdoul Rahamane DIALLO (Guinea)

Program Coordinator


Abdoul Rahamane Diallo is the Program Coordinator for the Guinea Country Office. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in French and International Relations from the University of Sierra Leone. He worked with the US Embassy in Guinea, Conakry from 1992 to 2012. During this posting he held different positions, including administrative assistant, protocol specialist, commercial specialist, senior political specialist and translator. Abdoul has undertaken a number of professional courses and seminars at the US Foreign Service Institute, US Department of Commerce and Denver Export Assistant Centre. He received the Foreign Service National of the Year Award in 2002; Franklin Award in 2007; Meritorious Award in 2009; and Superior Honor Award in 2011.

Mathias Hounkpe (Guinea)

Political Governance Program Manager


Mr. Hounkpe, a Benin Citizen and currently OSIWA Guinea Office head, has about 14 years experience working in capacity building, governance and institutional development. He has been part of multidisciplinary research teams on subjects as diverse as the assessment of electoral systems and institutions, security in elections, good governance, elections and public policy related issues. He has designed and implemented training and capacity building activities for various key stake holders of electoral processes in Benin and some West-African countries. Mr. Hounkpe has teaching experience in mathematics, statistics, game theory and political science. He is bilingual with proficiency in English and French. He holds an M. Phil in Political science with concentration on accountability mechanism design in new democracies; a doctorate in Mathematical physics with concentration on scattering theory, a Master in Mathematics.

Viviane Mbombo Kanyatsi (Guinea)

Administration Assistant

Viviane joined OSIWA on the 12th December as  Administration and Finance Assistant for Guinea program. She started her career in Finance and administration since 2001. Before her employment with OSIWA, she was working  with International Alert Guinea as Administration and Finance Officer for Guinea program for the last three years. She is a Dag Hammarskjöld messenger of peace and a Sociologist by profession. She also holds a diploma in management, account and computer science. Viviane is a national of the Democratic Republic of Congo.