OSIWA - Open Society Initiative for West Africa

OSIWA envisions a freer, safer, more integrated, democratic and equitable West Africa

Nigeria Overview

The Nigeria Country Programme is OSIWA’s oldest country office located in Abuja, Nigeria. Established in 2001 to promote open society values characterized by effective citizens’ participation, transparency and accountability, in Nigeria’s emerging democracy, the Nigeria Country Programme has in the past ten years supported interventions to strengthen constitutionalism and rule of law, electoral processes, equitable management of public revenues and promote respect for the rights of citizens including women and other vulnerable groups that would otherwise be excluded. These interventions have led to establishment of strong citizens’ networks as important platforms and watchdog for monitoring and advocating good governance in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, OSIWA has awarded grants, through a combination of call for proposals and targeted supports, and initiates operational interventions to support partner activities and respond to urgent development in the polity. The Foundation accords priority support to civil society organizations based on their role as important platforms for citizens participation and oversight on governance processes at all level.

The Foundation aims to support activities to achieve three major outcomes, (i) Strong governance institutions, processes and structures that are transparent, accountable, and intolerant of impunity, (ii) Vigorous capacity of civil society organizations and increased citizen participation in decision-making, and (iii) Robust protection of fundamental rights and citizenship groups exposed to discrimination. The transition to ‘Outcome’ approach is a result of a long process of reorganization, involving its partners and abroad range of stakeholders, to reposition the foundation, improve programming and the contribution to democracy and development in Nigeria. For this reason, the Country Programme will encourage innovative programme interventions. It will pursue and support interventions aimed to: Strengthen institutional frameworks for guaranteeing accountability – priority will be given to INEC; Support implementation and compliance with the FOI Law in Nigeria; Strategic capacity development for CSOs to engage policy reforms; Facilitate learning and effectiveness of key fiscal rules and public financial management procedures; Facilitate the functioning of transparency and accountability frameworks in OSIWA target states; Strengthen framework for managing natural resource receipts; Facilitate accountability mechanisms for addressing mass atrocities in Jos Plateau and other states with victims of discriminatory practices; Strengthen human rights defence in Nigeria.