OSIWA envisions a freer, safer, more integrated, democratic and equitable West Africa

Introducing OSIWA


  • The policy may be strengthened by the music, but the music has a power that defies politics.Nelson Mandela
  • Men who take great risks should expect often carry heavy consequences.Nelson Mandela

Political governance

While political governance in West Africa has known considerable progress in recent decades, these gains are not irreversible and the new democracies are, at varying degrees, still far from the shore of the established and consolidated democracies. The sub-region is confronted with disputed (...)


Economic governance

OSIWA’s Economic Governance Program works with civil society organizations, governments, the private sector, community leaders and activists with a vision for inclusive, equal and sustainable economic growth for their respective countries and the West Africa region more (...)


Law, Justice & Human rights

The Law, Justice and Human Rights Program at OSIWA seeks to robustly promote equal access to fair and independent justice in order to ensure adequate protection and enforcement of human rights of the populations, in particular, rights of women, youth and other vulnerable (...)