OSIWA - Open Society Initiative for West Africa

OSIWA envisions a freer, safer, more integrated, democratic and equitable West Africa


Conducting regional and international advocacy, and working with government including electoral commissions, national human rights institutions, parliaments and local government structures as well as with non-state actors like civil society organizations (CSOs).

OSIWA's geographic landscape encompasses countries with varied forms of governance. Some are in transition to democracy; in others democratic consolidation is fragile and in some there is routine practice of democratic governance. OSIWA will seek to address the diversity of transitions in the choice of its countries of focus.

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Rights of African Migrants and Deportees

A Nigerian Case Study; By Ayodele Atsenuwa Aderanti Adepoju; Network of Migration Research on Africa(NOMRA)

Nigeria is a country of diverse migration configurations, including cross-border movements,migration of contract workers, labour migrants and migration of skilled professionals. To this list must be added irregular migration and human trafficking. In the latter case, a variety of conflicts, human deprivation, and the feeling of a dismal future in the country have created an environment conducive for human trafficking

Justice NOMRA, 1701KB
Justice NOMRA
UN Mechanisms for Recourse for Violations of Migrants’ Rights

A document produced through the Justice Without Borders Project; An MRI and OSIWA initiative

This report seeks to provide an overview of the main UN human rights bodies and the recourse they offer that might be considered for civil society strategies to promote and protect migrants’ rights within the context of the enforcement of migration control policies. In particular, it will focus on standards, principles, and obligations that the UN Committees (treaty bodies) and Special Procedures mechanisms have established in relation to the rights of migrants

Justice - UN mechanisms, 1695KB
Justice UN
Migration Control Policies and the Human Rights of Migrants in Spain

A document produced through theJustice Without Borders Project; An MRI and OSIWA initiative

Over the past twenty years, Spain has gradually and increasingly been transforming into a destination country of migrants from various regions of the planet. Among these regions, especially in recent years, an increasing number of individuals have been coming from African countries south of the Maghreb (Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria, among others).

Justice CEAR, 1676KB
Justice cear
The Human Rights of Sub-Saharan Migrants in Morocco

A document produced through the Justice Without Borders Project; An MRI and OSIWA initiative

Transnational migration of Sub-Saharan migrants begins in a miscellaneous manner, in terms of places, reasons and situations; once they have left their homes with a personal migration trajectory, migrants collectively reorganize themselves during the various stages of their journey

Justice Gadem, 1672KB
Justice gadem
Forced Deportation and Ill-treatment of Irregular African Migrants

A Plea for a “Human Rights” Approach

By Hélène Nguyen Van CISSEA

Deportation, 264KB